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 Phytosanitary Strategic Advice

Since January 1, 2021, the law separating sales activities and advice on the use of phytopharmaceutical products has come into force (Order 2019-361 of April 24, 2019 supplemented by Decree 2020-1265 of October 16). The State wishes to ensure that the activities consisting in advising farmers on the use of these products are independent of any commercial interest. 

The content of Phytosanitary Strategic Advice

The strategic advice is established with an independent and approved adviser. It is broken down into two phases: 

– A diagnosis, valid for 6 years, includes an analysis of the context of the farm (types of production, organization of the company, health and environmental issues) and production systems (main pests, crop protection strategy, evolution of IFT, identification of used products likely to be withdrawn in the short term or with major impacts on the environment or health). 

 – An action plan that prioritizes the relevant levers that could be implemented on the farm to reduce the use and impact of phytosanitary products. Established in close collaboration with the farmer, this action plan must be compatible with the project and the constraints of the farm. 

Within the framework of the law separating advice and sales, the activity of phytosanitary advice (strategic advice and advice on recommendations) must be carried out by a structure independent of any activity of distribution of phytos or application in the provision of service. 

This advice is to be carried out twice per period of 5 years, each advice having to be spaced at least two years apart and at most three years apart.

 NB: For farms with small areas likely to be treated (less than 2 ha in arbo, viti, market gardening and horti and less than 10 ha for the others), only 1 advice is made compulsory per period of 5 years. 

Proof of completion of the Strategic Advice(s) will be requested when renewing your Certiphyto Decision Maker. Without this document, the Certiphyto cannot be issued. The system will be put in place gradually and given the necessary spacing between two councils, all agricultural operations must have received a first strategic council before December 31, 2023. The first strategic councils will be required for renewals of Certiphyto CIPP DSA / DNSA from 2024 according to the diagram below.

CSP - conseil stratégique - conseil agriculture

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Phytosanitary Strategic Consulting, for who ?

The legislation provides for 3 exemptions to this obligation to carry out a  CSP Strategic Council  :

  1. For farms certified in Organic Farming or in the process of conversion over the entire area of ​​the farm; 
  2. For HVE (High Environmental Value) certified farms 
  3. For farms using only biocontrol products, low risk or basic substances or substances necessary for mandatory treatments.
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